My Writing

Along with this non-fiction blog, I write fiction stories! I’ve bounced around genres, from fantasy to dystopian to historical fiction (also mystery and contemporary and a variety of others).

My Current Story

Right now, I’m working on a YA boarding school thriller. I don’t have a premise nailed down yet, but I will eventually :).

My Past Stories

Two years ago, I wrote a (50,000 word) dystopian novel I named “The Call”. It was kinda awful and only one person I know has read through the entire thing. The story was basically The Hunger Games but less killing. 🙂

In May of 2020, I wrote a novella called “Prisoner of the Storm”. It’s historical fiction, about an 1850s sea captain named Will. I’ll have a written summary soon.

I’ve written a handful of short stories as well(some of which I’ll hopefully share with y’all soon!).